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UWA ASA is the University of Western Australia Academic Staff Association, uniquely placed to represent the needs and interests of the academic staff of UWA.

Why join UWA ASA?

  • Because academic work can sometimes be isolating or siloed, UWA ASA events provide a regular forum for academic staff to connect with a broader community of colleagues.
  • By joining us, you will have the opportunity to make meaningful connections and have great discussions with colleagues from across all disciplines at UWA and you may come to realize that many challenges that we face as academics are similar across areas.
  • Amidst the complex demands of academic work it can be easy to lose touch with the core mission of a university, which is to serve the public good; UWA ASA functions to maintain the visibility of this mission by supporting the collective exercise of academic citizenship.
  • UWA ASA acts to galvanize academic opinions and voice when necessary, in response to contentious issues being proposed or debated within the University, and we organize informative fora to debate such issues.
  • UWA ASA has observer status on the Senate, and UWA ASA’s committee members are representatives on the Senate, Academic Board, Academic Council, Education Committee, Curriculum Committee, Academic Consultative Committee, Academic Workload Advisory Committee, Inclusion and Diversity Committee, and many more.
  • By joining us, you can learn more about how the university is governed and managed and have the opportunity and support to make your own contribution to participatory governance at UWA.
  • While UWA ASA works with the NTEU and shares many of its ideals, it is not part of a national organisation and so can act independently in the interests of academics at UWA.
  • We pursue UWA-specific academic and non-industrial issues (such as parking) and because the UWA ASA committee is made up solely of UWA academics, it is especially well-placed to represent academic viewpoints.
  • UWA ASA is a safe platform for you to express any concerns or fears you may have about your life as an academic at UWA, knowing they will be taken seriously, and that you will be supported as an academic.
  • UWA ASA amplifies your voice, your concerns, and your solutions to the issues faced in the academic environment at UWA.
  • Last but not least, UWA ASA conducts regular free sundowners at the University Club, where delicious drinks and nibbles are shared with supportive colleagues and friends.
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