Terms & Conditions

Information provided here is used only to conduct the principal activities of the UWA Academic Staff Association and the information collected on this form is confidential. No individual member information is provided to third parties without the consent of the member.

UWA may supply UWA ASA with updated information relating to employment status of a member.

Salaried Staff

Deductions of 0.16% of annual salary are made fortnightly.

Salaried members of UWA give authorisation to UWA or its duly authorised servants and agents to deduct from their salary by regular instalments, membership fees and levies (as determined from time to time by UWA ASA) to UWA ASA or its authorised agents. All such payments deducted on my behalf and in accordance with this authority shall be deemed to be made by the member personally.

This authority remains in force until revoked by the member in writing, including by email. Resignation from UWA ASA with written authority to cease payroll deductions will take effect within two weeks of the date on which notice is received.

Casual or Sessional Staff

Membership fee for casual staff is $20 per annum. Bank account details for payment of the fee will be emailed once membership application is received.

Membership commences when the completed application and fee have both been received.

A reminder of annual membership expiration will be emailed prior to the expiry date.

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