Public Holiday changes – Consultation or fait accompli?

You may have seen the notice in UWA Forward that, despite the recent “consultation” with staff, the executive has taken the decision that their proposal – to observe all public holidays where they fall, and require staff (excepting those with a compelling case) to take three days of annual leave during the Xmas and New Year shut down (in addition to the two already mandated by the longer shut down period) – will be implemented. Read more here

1 thought on “Public Holiday changes – Consultation or fait accompli?”

  1. There were two seperate issues, working public holidays and forced leave during Xmas period. They could have easily have said don’t work public holidays and then you get a choice over Xmas period to take leave with no forced shutdown. This was a joke, they were always going to do it and the consultations can’t be called consultations.

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