Report on the Concensus Centre Forum 24 April 2015

Close to 200 UWA academics arrived to hear what Vice Chancellor, Paul Johnson, Professor Phillip Dolan, Dean of the UWA Business School, and Winthrop Professor Paul Flatau, Head of the Business School Centre for Social Impact, had to say in response to their questions and concerns about the announced establishment at UWA of the Australian Consensus Centre. Members of the audience had the opportunity to ask a number of questions, though, regrettably, only the Vice Chancellor and W. Professor Paul Flatau had the opportunity to reply given the limited time for the Forum. Concerns raised included issues of institutional reputation, academic freedom, academic qualifications and scientific integrity. Questions about risk assessment and adequate consultation with the Business School were also asked. The VC was asked if he could get out of this arrangement with the Australian federal government and the Copenhagen Consensus Centre given growing academic consensus that the establishment of the center and an association with Dr. Lomborg would undermine the good name of UWA. Why UWA was contacted by Canberra in the first place was another question that was asked.

Because of the venue’s size, a number of academics who came to participate were not able to attend the forum. It was streamed on Periscope, however, by one of the audience. To see the Forum go to UWAASA President, Winthrop Professor Raymond da Silva Rosa, has foreshadowed further discussions with the Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Business School.

We ask that academic staff with an interest in this issue contact us with your concerns, questions and ideas at

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