The UWAASA Committee writes to the Chancellor and V-C about the Renewal Project

Dear Dr. Chaney and Professor Johnson,

We, the academic staff, are committed to the long-term success and viability of The University of Western Australia, to the communities it serves, and to its role as both a regional and international institution of note. The UWA Executive has put forward a proposal for the renewal of our university, but we know such a project can succeed only with the broad-based support and engagement of all staff.

Yet, so far, the UWA Executive has undertaken their project of renewal in a way that may have the effect of excluding and alienating the majority of the academic staff. UWA staff members have been asked to give feedback on plans for major structural changes, changes that the Executive claims will permanently reduce the cost base of the university, and contribute to our goal of becoming a ‘top 50 university’. However, we have been asked to give feedback without being provided with basic information about how the university budget is distributed and without a clear model of how the proposed changes will deliver the requisite savings. Further, we feel unable to respond to a vision of success defined by external, and often capricious,
indices rather than by a broadly shared and trans-generational sense of public mission.

We, therefore, respectfully insist that you engage with us in good faith. We ask to become full participants in this change process.

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